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✈ Earn Qantas Points for Running Your Business

Sick of being stuck in your cage? Dreaming about a holiday?

I know we're not going anywhere at the moment, but why not start preparing for that day when we are eventually able to leave the house.

We often hear clients paying on a credit card and sucking up the credit card processing fees so they can get 'the points'.

So when we met a new kid on the block at an Accounting conference some time ago we realised we might be onto something. We've been watching them for a while and thought we might introduce them to you.

Who is this new kid that you talk about?

B2Bpay is owned and operated by Zenith Payments Pty Ltd, a leading payment processing business based in Balmain, Sydney with payment processing and merchant acquiring facilities provided by ANZ Bank and other leading financial institutions

B2Bpay offers a simple solution for making and receiving payments. We believe B2Bpay may provide your business with an effective solution to improve cash flow and save time, all while receiving Qantas Points when you pay or get paid! You’ll be able to accept card payments online from your customers at no cost, and view and pay all of your invoices using any card (even if your supplier doesn’t accept card payments - ATO!!).

It’s Free and you can earn up to 20,000 bonus Qantas Points when you connect to Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks and make $20,000 in payments before July 31 2020+.

How does it work?

Earn Qantas points when you pay your suppliers!

Earn Qantas points when your customers pay you!

But I'm not a Qantas Business Rewards Member

A one-off joining fee of $89.50 including GST normally applies, however, this will be waived for B2Bpay customers using this link.

So what does B2B cost?

At the time we are writing this (24/06/2020) - There is no cost to join B2Bpay and no fees other than the normal tax-deductible card processing fee, which depends on the card you use. B2Bpay provides you with a tax invoice for card processing fees.

The value of all the credit card points and Qantas Points that you can earn combined with the cash flow benefits CAN outweigh the tax-deductible B2Bpay card processing fees.

Visa / Mastercard standard cards: 1.2% (after company tax deduction: 0.84%) Visa / Mastercard premium and corporate cards: 1.55% (after tax deduction: 1.09%) American Express cards: 2.2% (after tax deduction: 1.54%) Diners Club cards: 2.4% (after tax deduction: 1.68%)

Different fees (or no fees) may apply with some billers. The card processing fee will always be displayed prior to processing online payments. All fees exclude GST.

Do your own research

We're not financial advisors. This is not financial advice. We're merely introducing you to a new kid on the block.

Do your own homework to ensure the fit is right for your business.

PS. We do receive some bonus Qantas Points for making this introduction but we are certainly not pushing the product. The decision is in your hands.

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